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Due to COVID-19 I am NOT currently offering in person sessions.


Virtual somatic coaching.

Somatics is a healing methodology that works through the body to heal trauma, shame and limiting beliefs, in order to embody what you care about even when the pressure gets high.  What is embodied is what shows up under pressure. 

Somatic practice, healing and bodywork builds bodies that can be present, open, connected and aligned with what they care about -even under pressure.  It is a path to embodied transformation.

Some new embodied skills may include:

Ability to stay present in the midst of conflict and connection.

A sense of personal and collective power and impact

A felt sense of worth and seeing the dignity in others

Centered Accountability - able to face harms done and make amends without disappearing the worthiness of self or others

Able to make requests and set boundaries

Ability to safely experience a range of emotions- to be present for self experience and for others of joy, resilience and gratitude to anger, rage and grief.

Healing internalized oppression and superiority

Taking bold new actions for the sake of what you care about


Rates of Service

As you consider what to pay, please take into account your own income, any safety nets (via partnership, family, etc) that you have access to, your debt and caregiving responsibilities, and any other factors that impact your financial access.

My rate is $80 per hour long session

I also offer sliding scale spots at $30-60 per session and monthly "package rates".

For those with greater financial access including, retirement funds and investments, ease of cash flow, flexibility in work options, I invite you to use a solidarity scale of $150 per session. Clients who commit to a solidarity rate allow for me to offer a greater number of sliding scale spots for clients.

Access to money and wealth is an area we often hide.  These conversations about access to resources are often, almost always, a place of held shame.  You have too much while others go without, or it is your fault for not having what you need to live freely.  and everything in between.  Let's be honest.  The money system is a set up and the position we were born into makes a huge impact on what is possible in our own lives.  money as a resource is also a place of inherited trauma around safety and survival.  we may deeply disagree with the system of capitalism yet must survive within it.  Let us use this conversation as a place of practice to build trust, hold complexity and both bring our concerns and needs to the table.   It can be a place of great healing.


Small Groups, organizations and couples

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