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About my offering:

My offering of bodywork is done in collaboration with you, according to the needs of your body.  I adjust pace and depth of pressure according to your request.  This allows massage to be a practice of embodied consent, offering deep healing and possibility for embodiment, in addition to the more commonly spoken of physical benefits.  I am committed to responding to the individual needs of each person to give the most impactful session for the person, while also responding to my personal limitations as a practitioner.  I am committed to bringing a deep extension of presence into this practice.  ll of this is based in an understanding of cultural context.  We are all impacted by the cultures we come from, by the dominating social norms and institutions we live within.  These things literally shape our bodies and lasting healing cannot be done outside this context.  This is also why my conversation about resources is unique.

Our exchange of resources.  

As a small business owner there are certain principles I abide by in my planning that are based in my vision for a thriving future for all.

I believe Healthcare is a human right! and massage can be an important part of healthcare.  Ideally we could access regular massage,  daily would be ideal!  Aaaaannd there are so many barriers to access, including money resources. 

While I have rates listed here, I also offer a sliding scale to make massage more accessible.  I offer reduced rates, package deals and ideas for at home practices to support healing the body.   Also- discounts for referrals- 5 referrals= 20% off; 10 referrals= a FREE MASSAGE!!! 

I encourage those able to offer more than my rates to pay a higher rate so that I am able to care for my resource needs and still provide care across class.  This is an abnormal request in our society that encourages us to look for the best deal.  It requires each of us to be in an honest conversation about our access to resource and our personal commitments.

Therapeutic Massage:  This is a table massage that involves hands on healing techniques drawing from swedish massage.  This can range from a relaxation massage to deeper trigger point work.

Spa Massage:  This treatment offers a body polish to prepare the tissues for massage.  We use a polish handmade from herbal infused oils designed to loosen tight muscles, promote lymphatic flow, or relax tissues. 

Transformative integration:  If you are interested in deeper transformational healing, healing deep contractions in the body, and working through emotional stuckness through the body we can integrate practices specific to this work.  Please inquire about possibilities and more information.

Introductory massage:  For your first visit I offer a $50/60 minute massage, encouraging you to try massage!

Frontlines Organizer Massage:  This is a custom offer to organizers running social justice campaigns.  Please inquire for more information. 

Please contact me with any questions or to set up an appointment.

Liz Bruno

608-515-7348 - call or text. 

Frontlines organizer massage$25 / 60 minutes
Introductory Massage$50 / 60 minutes
Spa Massage$120 / 90 minutes
Therapeutic Massage$75 / 60 minutes
Therapeutic Massage$100 / 90 minutes
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