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Like all times these times we are living in call for healing.  As a community herbalist, somatic coach and bodyworker, my job is to support individuals and small groups to embody the values they believe in.  This work is a mix of healing past harms and trauma held in the tissues of the body and developing new skills that serve safety, dignity and belonging. 

During this time of global epidemic, I am only offering virtual work.  Somatics, including somatic bodywork, is highly effective even over distance through video or even phone.  Please contact me directly to learn more via phone (608)515-7348 or email me at elizabet.bruno@gmail.com

This offer is rooted in the belief that these bodies do heal, that each body is love-able and worthy of life; that we absolutely depend on each other for life, we need each other and this bountiful earth; and we each are an accumulation of our shared h'stories.  The hardships and the beauties of our ancestors live in our bones and facing and addressing inherited trauma and social oppression is critical in creating a world where black queer lives matter, where the earth is honored as a living home, where indigenous communities live sovereign, where homelessness can not exist, where women, queers and trans people are safe to exist everywhere, and where people who cause harm are seen as sick and resources exist to support healing for all of us.


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