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Community Experiential Healing

Community experiential herbalism is an ongoing project rooted in the lives of Day Host-Jablonski and Lizzy Bruno.

Both Day and Lizzy have been in the study and practice of plant medicine for over a decade, are rooted in an herbal lifestyle, and a passion for meeting intensity with intentionality.  Both are called on as community herbalists by friends, family and comrades.  Day and Liz will provide grounding, structure and information based on experience and also hold that each of us brings a vast experience and knowledge that is important and applicable to this work.  We will cultivate a community of sharing and move forward together- building a network of care. Please feel free to pass this invitation on to others!  

Email  lizbruno@massagetherapy.com for more information on any of the listed classes and events.  Requests welcome!


Herbal First Aid  

This herbal intensive will be both a discussion and practice of using herbal medicine to respond -from every day needs to more intense injuries such as minor traumas, lacerations, environmental injuries, and emotional implications.  Depthful discussions on specific medicinal actions and identification of plants including Yarrow, St John's Wort, Solomon' Seal and Plantain

You will leave knowing how to create comprehensive first aid kit that you know how and when to use.  This class includes some basic medicine making.


Herbal Medicine Making  

Join us for a course on safe and effective medicine making for the home and family.  We will explore numerous extractive methods, including making infused oils and salves, tinctures, syrups and more.  Participants will leave with increased plant knowledge of the season, prepared medicines and effective recipes. 


Embodied Emergency: A daylong intensive  

Emergency care takes preparation, both in terms of a practical skills and in terms of readying ourselves to step into intensity, with integrity. As we start our conversation, we want to deepen our understanding of our bodies' stress response systems, and feel into our wells of resilience that will fuel our action. From recognizing life-threats to acting with confidence to restoring our own balance after encountering second-hand trauma, we want to train in ways that empower our compassion and energize our commitment to helping each other. One focus is on meeting life-threatening situations, with embodied awareness and hands-on skill practice. From there we will focus on recognizing and caring for sudden illnesses and serious injuries, using on-hand resources and working with people in crisis. Through the entire session will interweave acute herbal remedies to be applied.

Bringing embodied awareness of trauma-creation and trauma-release to our conversation about emergency care gives us a foundation to build ourselves a solid sense of effectiveness during intensity. By balancing herbal, trauma, energetic, and ditch medicines, we will find strength, confidence and resilience. 



Building Community Resilience 

Gathering, conversations and skill building around community resilience.  What are skills we need to survive and adapt?  How, and with whom do we practice interdependence?  How do we create systems that are life affirming for all, rather than benefiting some at the expense of others?

Join us for a community building event and BBQ potluck.

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