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Commitment to Social Justice

Elizabeth Bruno, LMT

A critical lens of my work is the integration of personal healing and cultural transformation and social justice.  My goal is to serve social justice leaders, politicized healers, and service work providers, both to provide brief respite from the daily stress of this living as well as to offer a space for deep healing.

It is quite visible that our cultural conditions are not safe for everyone.  We are literally day to day operating within unequally unsafe conditions -think- sexual abuse on women being condoned by our political system-abusers given ultimate power, killing of innocent black men by unaccountable police, disappearing of native women from their homes, the political denial of existence of the range of genders and erasure of trans peoples lived experience, resource extraction at a mass rate the result of which making earth incompatible with human life, 'standard practice' only fitting some bodies, some abilities, under resourced communities struggling for survival while the 1% has access to exorbitant excess,...

I want my work to celebrate and support the well being of folks risking and giving and dedicating their lives to their communities and for future generations! Our working to address these unsafe conditions benefits everyone!!!!!!  It is for this reason I am committed to serve social justice leaders, politicized healers, and service work providers.

Are you on the frontlines of these struggles?  Do you care about these issues and more?  Are you actively engaged in campaigns?  Do you want to how to bring yourself into support of this work?  If yes, then yes, you are who i speak of!

From what I can tell, it is critical that thought leaders and culture shifters need to do our own healing work to stay on our creative game.  We need to break free from the constraints of popular thought and the contractions of trauma in order to imagine wider possibilities for the future, in order to be most effective at our work.  I offer my work to serve these leaders to live fully and to be more effective at creating institutional change.  I also offer my work to support the hesitant into more action, by coming into contact with their powerful selves!

One common example, we often learn through our life that we cannot trust other people-perhaps someone we deeply care about hurt us, this creates deep fundament wounds since, as humans we have a need to belong, to being our dignity and to be safe.  Massage and bodywork can be a place to heal these deep wounds, so we can have our fundamental human needs met and use that trust to have more happiness in life and so we can work collectively more effectively!  In our session together we can practice consent.  You get to say, yes to non-sexual touch.  you get to say no, and I will listen to your request. and we can let our bodies;our selves register the safety in that. 

Through my own life I have felt strongly compelled toward fighting for the liberation of all people, connection to the mother earth and a deep drive to heal the pains within myself.  Over time it has become clear to me how these are, at their essence all dependent on each other and at the core, the same work. 

I am dedicated to using the resources i have been granted in this life to serve the building of a more widespread life affirming culture.

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