Collaborative Massage
coming home to the body



Consensual, connected, lovingly present human touch is something we all need, as babies, children and as adults.  It can heal the hardest wounds.  It can soften and open the hardest closed doors, making more possible.  making more space for our whole selves to exist.

It can also be a simple nice break from the day to day, a chance to celebrate this body, to relax.

Massage can be an active practice of integration.  It has allowed me to drop into my tissues, to feel myself from the inside, to feel more whole as a human and to more gently tolerate the wide range of sensations this living body produces.  It has deepened my internal sense of being welcome home in my body. 

In giving, massage is a place I honor my commitments to support the healing of others; the belief that these bodies do heal, that each body is love-able and worthy of life.


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